Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Haiku - coffee

The prompt at One Deep Breath this week is to write haiku about tea and coffee. Crafty Green Poet is a tea drinker but my Alter Ego sometimes likes a coffee and this haiku explains both why I like to, and why I don't very often:

mug of hot coffee
brings poetic inspiration
keeps me up all night.


Nia said...

I identify with this, or rather, with coffee's side effects outweighing everything else. I think I drink a cup every six months or so.

susanlavonne said...

I think you speak for many of us in this clever haiku :-)
I too like both...and in the cooler weather always have a cup of tea before bedtime...without the "inspiring" effects that coffee would bring.

Jennifer said...

ah yes, coffee is a morning pleasure for me. Anytime I've strayed from this I've been up all night thinking about how good the coffee tasted.

jayne said...

mmm..I totally get this one. Awesome.

Plus Ultra said...

Excellent Haiku...like the previous post too, bless you

AnnieElf said...

Coffee is my lifeline day/night.
Hot. Cold. Always there.
Sleep doesn't suffer.
Thank God.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Thanks for your comments - oh AnnieElf I wish i could drink coffee and still be able to sleep. My partner seems to be able to drink endless amounts of coffee and sleep soundly..... Mind you I have found a very nice organic fair traded filter coffee - that works!