Thursday, September 25, 2008

Café Artist

view from one of my favourite cafés in Dresden
You can read more about my trip to Dresden on Crafty Green Poet, here.

In our illicit rendezvous,
oblivious to most, except
the promise of forbidden pleasure,
we were barely aware of you,
sketching quietly in the background.

At next season’s
‘Meet the Artist Night’
we wonder as your eyes light up
in recognition we don’t share.

We wander carefully round to view
(no touching just in case).
The pictures do not inspire or move,
but disturb in some peculiar way.

We stop before a canvas –
the largest in the room,
a portrait of our favourite haunt
and unmistakeably of us.

Our infidelity on display,
we need to find a place to hide,
when from the corner of my eye,
I see someone I recognise –
his wife,

she’s with another man.

Previously published in Poetry Scotland and nothing to do with Dresden!

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Paul said...

Nice pic of Dresden...

tumblewords said...

Ah, caught. Vivid. Nice read!

Annie said...

What an amazing building. That image looks, for all the world, like a huge tapestry. Possible????

polona said...

great mood in the dresden photo, and the poem... ha!

Stan Ski said...

Under surveillance everywhere - but perhaps we're all up to no good anyway.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Annie - its not tapestry, i think its mosaic/painting. I noticed the wall from several angles but never actually went right up to it to examine it.

Stan - lol.

Paul, Tumblewords, polona - thanks

Anonymous said...

I really liked the rhythm and the pacing of the poem. It's like the words are there, but just beyond reach (until the end.) Thanks for sharing!

Felicity said...

Loved it. :)
Especially the denouement.

Linda Jacobs said...

Just delightful! I'm sitting here chuckling.

odessa said...

what a wonderful read! i love the careful pacing.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

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Nathan said...

I really like this poem. The narrative structure is totally engaging and the turn at the end surprises. Well done.

kouji said...

a lovely image. :O

Devika said...

Hi crafty green!

An engaging read..and a surprise twist!

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I would take a chance to invite you. atleast to read my latest..there's a coincidence -- a connection I feel with this one..
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Please do ..and I would love your comments...

I shall in any way visit again,I love reading poetry..
see you again!