Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Il Vizio dell Agnello - Andrea Pinketts

'Milano è una città di pazzi e di cani.'

Mi ho piaciuto molto questo libro magnifico e stranissimo. E surreale, divertente e buffo, con molte interessante osservazione alla vita moderna. Anche è un libro che mi ha confonduto molto.....Mi ho piaciuto anche il stile da questo scrittore. Spero forse, altri libro da Pinketts a leggere .....

'Milan is a city of crazy people and dogs'

Actually my substandard Italian entirely fails to do this book justice. I didn't understand everything in it, I have to admit, it was very confusing in parts but that didn't stop me from thoroughly enjoying it! It is a surreal, sometimes hilarious journey through a rather seedy Milan, full of strange people, bizzare events and telling observations on modern day life in a major city. A city where people can die unnoticed in the main railway station, a city where parents can treat their children as children even when they are fully grown..... Pinketts has a wonderful writing style.

I would recommend this book highly, but have no idea whether it has been translated into English....

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