Sunday, April 08, 2007


This is my art journal page for the archive GPP Street Team Crusade on the topic of tattoos. I reality I couldn't face the pain of having a tattoo done, not sure either that i'd want something that permanent. If I did have a tattoo though it would be a dolphin leaping over my shoulder blade. I sometimes have flowery henna tattoos when we go clubbing or for the long summer days. When we go clubbing, we get our hands stamped, sometimes with a seahorse, sometimes with a catspaw, either of which look a bit like a tattoo, sometimes with an inky mess that takes forever to fade and is just annoying! Of course if I'm being a glamour goth for the night and wearing long gloves, then the stamp will go elsewhere, usually on my upper arm.


daisies said...

what a fun journal page :)

i have a tattoo, the outline of a daisy (five petals) inked on my rib (owwww, it hurt bad) ~ it is my son's flower and when he was little he would reach up and touch it and say 'mine' ;-)

GeL(emerald eyes) said...

Hi Juliet,
Cool journal page!
Tatoos are not for me from the pain standpoint as well as permanence. Hey, I'm an artist. I change my mind about decor in my home, the artwork I create, and how I adorn my body. No freedom of choice for that with tatoos.

Also, I'm a purist about my body that way and others (even if it is others' personal choice.) I adore skin- to feel it and to paint it on canvas or paper in life drawing classes. The human body is beautiful. I find tatoos distracting to my eyes and they remind me of sailors.

I'm with you about the mess of temporary ones for clubbing.
If you and your honey come to my area, we have to go dancing!
Are you still in internet cafes? I hope your own net access is fixed by now.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Thanks for your comments - daises, that sounds like a cute tattoo, but really I'm with GeL, the pain, the permanence, not for me, though I like to see good tattoos on other people!

michelle said...

Juliet, thanks for sharing your idea of a tattoo - fun to know what you would get....I admit, it does hurt like h***, and I also admit mine is not visable on my publicly exposed skin. Not sure I'm willing to commit to ink for all to see yet. I've added your link to the crusade, thanks for playing.

carlene federer said...

love your term "glamour goth"! very cool! and the dolphin over the shoulder sounds cool as well!

Nicole said...

Good crusade and a goth mate either. ;)

I have one real tattoo. ;)


ursula clamer said...

I'm with you, I'm not sure I could face the pain...but as I'm edging closer to 40, thoughts of a small image on the shoulder blade start to sound a little appealing!! Ux