Wednesday, May 30, 2007

After the Wedding

This is a wonderful film from the Danish director Susanne Bier. Jacob is an Aid worker in Calcutta who is called back to meet Jorgen, a potential major financial donor, back home in Denmark. Jorgen invites Jacob to his daughter's wedding and encourages him to extend his stay in Copenhagen. The viewer is initially as uncertain of Jorgen's motives as is Jacob himself, but gradually the layers of motivation are revealed in a pschologically fascinating narrative with all possible actions leading to heartbreak for someone. The film is wonderfully acted and directed with beautiful cinematography, though possibly slightly too many extreme facial close ups! Excellent sound track too, with a haunting song from Sigur Ros meandering through every so often.

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daisies said...

oh thank you ~ it sounds wonderful and i have writting it down in my book :)