Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Silence Living in Houses - Esther Morgan (Giveaway)

The Silence Living in Houses is the second collection from UK poet Esther Morgan. Her poems focus on domestic life haunted by unexplained ghosts. She is an accomplished poet with a real feel for the way that words sound together, this is the first stanza of Domestic:

Under the chestnut tree its already night
as I turn back towards the house
where lights are coming on
though some of the windows
are still dark as mouths.

Sometimes I felt there were too many ghosts and wanted more of her poems to have the substance and presence of those that deal with more concrete things, like Her Given Names:

At the word cat
she's down on all fours
performing her hunger,
warping and wefting through his legs,
arching her spine at his creamy voice.

I've registered this book with Bookcrossing and am happy to pass it on to someone who wants to read it. If you'd like it, just let me know in the comments. I'll put the names into a hat in a couple of weeks.


blackteiwaz said...

Seems interesting, I'd like to participate.

littleminx said...

I love poetry, and think this sounds like something I'd enjoy. Please include me in your draw. :)

littleminx from BC

motuduo said...

I'm always game for poetry! Sounds great! Thanks for the offer!

daisies said...

oh, me too please :)

odessa said...

wow, thanks for this giveaway. count me in!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Thanks for all your interest. I'll put the names in a hat tonight and post the winner tomorrow (17 September)