Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Secret of Chocolate

Her first class degree
won her a contract to discover
the scientific perfection of sweetness.

Five years on, her secret formula
heavily advertised, stays
stubbornly on the shelves.

While continents are ravaged
by a disease she could
have found a cure for

and a humble chocolatier
creates daily bliss
for crowds in a small French town.

previously published in Curlew magazine


Noah the Great said...

Ugh. Well, I've always thought the Gov't has more cures than they say-- as population control.

It's a great write.

Anonymous said...

Cool poem. Perfect balance in its tone is reflected in its thought which is original, balanced and unexpected. Very cool, very effective,

Billy said...

I liked the use of present tense for this. It creates the ongoing mystery of chocolate. The poem alos made me think of one of my favorite movie, CHOCOLAT.