Sunday, June 29, 2008

Italian-American sentences

Twirling spaghetti round my fork - tomato sauce on my favourite dress

Why does the country of la bella figura make such messy food?

Food and Drink for Mad Kane's Haiku prompt


polona said...

well, it may be messybut it sure tastes good - as does your one-liner :)

Granny Smith said...

Fortunately tomato sauce can be washed from one's dress (usually). A delicious one=liner.

Anonymous said...

I love spaghetti too.

Great one liner

My life is a beach is up at my place:

Anonymous said...

Ha, that is the coolest American sentence. And the link was nice too. I see you have got the RSS feeds in the sidebar thing happening too. It's great, isn't it. Really a stepup breahthrough in blogging technology I think. Wordpress will only pull one feed per widget, but like you have your human rights one, I pulled the Amnesty International take action feed and called it my newspaper, each of their articles has a link to somewhere you can do something. I think these RSS feed widgets are a fantastic thing and yours are great, as usual, you are leading the way! woohoo, and congratulations on the poem in Q. I am off to read it now. Hope you are having a fantabulous day.

Mira said...

Hi Juliet,

I like this short sentence ...things happen - the best is to enjoy...and by the way thank you for linking to my site "Surprise goes Zen" - and "La bella figura"....

All the best