Monday, October 13, 2008

Look what someone else wrote for me.....

from the infamous internet spoof anthology For Godot Issue 1


Our different paradise
More different than a matter
Supposing fear
A well
A hopeless thing
Strange as a bribe
Fit and unfit
Hospitable as opulence
Like a small bell
Patient as a gaze
Like a distant creature
To know an interview
A salubrious thing

Juliet Wilson

check whether you are one of the 3,000 poets in it without permission, with poetry you've never seen before attributed to you, read more at the Poetry Foundation website. There's a lot of interesting commentary on it too, as to whether it is some kind of elaborate social experiment. I think I'm choosing to laugh....


gingatao said...

It's a pity they didn't make some effort to capture the beauty and carefulness of your poetry, Juliet. I laughed at this strange experiment too. You should be honoured to be included. I laughed even at more at the outraged stuffy shirts' reaction. Did you see Ron Silliman threatening to sue? I followed the controversy for a while, all in all a very successful prank, conceptual art thingy. Congratulations on being included.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hi Paul, I agree with you, I'd thought you'd see it like that!

kouji haiku said...

an interesting prank indeed. :O

polona said...

plagiarism in reverse - what a strange compliment! makes one wonder...

Devika said...

was just about to read it as yours

Wonder what the world we are in!!


nĂ  said...

how bizarre! that's really strange! i had the opposite happen to me, people stealing my ideas and putting their names to them, but putting your name to their idea, that's, well, novel!!

i keep forgetting about your alter ego blog and then once ina blue moon thinking "ooh, over forty shades!"

have a good weekend