Saturday, January 01, 2011

Preston Street School

Over on Crafty Green Poet I recently said that now I have a new camera I would start to post some quirky photos of hidden architectural gems of Edinburgh on this blog. This proved to be quite a popular idea so here is the first photo in that series!

The photos will be odd little architectural details that catch my eye, my personal favourite buildings in Edinburgh that are off the beaten track and quite a lot of photos of the architecture along the Water of Leith, as I'm putting together a slideshow for this summer's class about that river that I'll be teaching at the University. The photo here is of the bell tower of Preston Street School in the Newington area of Edinburgh, near Arthur's Seat. You can see more photos of today's walk round Arthur's Seat over on Crafty Green Poet here.

One of the best blogs posting regular photos of Edinburgh is Edinburgh Day by Day.


Eliza said...

That really is a quirky piece of architectural detail, Juliet. I'll be taking more notice of belltowers in future. :)

Michelle May said...

I'm so excited to see your side of the world Juliet. This is great!
xx, shell

EG Wow said...

I often wonder why some buildings have cupolas! I'll check out the Edinburgh Day By Day blog.