Thursday, February 17, 2011

Notes for a Love Song

Rain clouds gather
as we trawl market stalls
browsing jewellery
and fancy clothes.

Raindrops chase us
to a kerbside café bar
where cappuccino-warm
we spy on passers-by.

We buy ice creams
and slide in our sandals
home through the deluge
and the weather’s funny not tragic
because we’re together.

So hand me my guitar
let me song-write the day for you
in happy love lyrics
everyone will sing along to
on summer rainy days like this.

Previously published on the Sound and Image issue of Online Poetry Journal

(Yes, I know its the wrong time of year for this poem, but it seemed appropriate to link this to this month's Lets Get Lyrical campaign for Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature.)


Gordon Mason said...

Wonderful, Juliet, just what I need on a freezing foggy Edinburgh morning!

Anonymous said...

I "liked" this today on FB, but am glad to read it again here. It sounds like a wonderful day. I too enjoy watching people.