Friday, September 23, 2016

Bi-Visibilty Day

It's happened every year since 1999, but I didn't even know until two minutes ago that Bi-Visibility Day existed - so much for the visibility part of that then!

Anyway instead of concentrating on what I was supposed to be doing I found myself browsing the web for articles and here are some good ones I found:

Ignoring the B in LGBTQI denies us our identity by Vonny Moyes in The National

Why I don't like being asked which gender I prefer by Zachary Zane on Bustle

an article on how to be a bi-ally (with a nice bisexual umbrella).

an article from the National Union of Students about the importance of Bisexuality Visibility Day

an older article about the need for Bisexuality Visibility Day

Bi Community News is Britain's Bimonthly Bisexual magazine.

There's even a bi pride flag (which I wasn't aware of until just now).

And remember, if you're bisexual, this is the day your invisibility cloak doesn't work, so no trying to rob a bank....

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