Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bolts of Silk

Moving over to new Blogger gave me the opportunity to bring all my blogs into the one account. I had made a separate account for my poetry blogmag Bolts of Silk, this had made sense at the time but now I'm happier with all three of my blogs altogether.

I'm happy to consider poetry on any topic, as long as it is less than 40 lines long and is unpublished (though if it has only previously appeared on your blog, that's fine). If I like it enough I'll publish it. Poems that have any sort of seasonal content will appear in the appropriate season, so don't send me Christmas poems in January.

I don't approach individual poets to send me in their work, so, if you want me to consider publishing your poetry in Bolts of Silk, please email it to me on:jmw AT nanouk DOT fsnet DOT com!

I've already published some wonderful poetry from poets from across the world so, pop over and have a read!


daisies said...

what a lovely place and 'bolts of silk' is such a beautiful name :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

Thanks daisies - glad you enjoyed looking round Bolts of Silk!