Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Discovery of Chocolate - James Runcie

This is a wonderful book! The tale of Diego de Godoy, who sets sail with Cortes and his conquistadors, discovers chocolate and then drinks an elixir that gives him (and his dog, who licked the dregs!) life for 500 years. Five hundred years of following the chocolate trade across the world, meeting famous people from Fry, the Quaker chocolate baron to the Marquis of Sade and searching for lost love and the meaning of life. The pages are stuffed full of descriptions of wonderful chocolate dishes (though sadly no actual recipes!).

For fullest enjoyment, read while drinking Green and Black's fairtrade, organic Maya Gold hot chocolate.


daisies said...

oh ... this book might not be good for my diet heh heh ... sounds delicious!!

Crafty Green Poet said...

hi daisies - definitely not good if you're on a diet - the dishes sound so delicious that you really want to try them out as you're reading. I suppose its goodin a way that therecipes arent' actually provided!