Friday, December 28, 2007

Youth Without Youth

This is the latest film from Francis Ford Coppola. It follows the strange story of a Rumanian professor struck by lightening just as he was intending to commit suicide who then finds himself waking up as a much younger man. The story is strange, sometimes irritating but incredibly thought provoking on issues of identity and time. I enjoyed the way that the sometimes unconventional editing and directorial styles complemented the narrative, rather than being gratuitous as can sometimes be the case.

Grumpy note to cinema goers - it is not polite, when there are plenty of free seats in the cinema, to come in late, sit directly in front of someone else and then proceed to jump up and down gesticulating wildly.

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Jo said...

I had a similar experience at American Gangster recently....rude cinemagoers everywhere. I will go see this as as a rule I enjoy his work.