Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Chumbalina the Plump Princess by Christopher Holley

'Chumbalina was not like the other princesses. 

She did not care for looking beautiful. Nor did she want to fall in love with a handsome prince and live happily ever after.'

Chumbalina also loves to eat sweets and cakes and as a result she is plump. This is not considered a suitable trait in a princess so she is shunned by all the other princesses and her only friend is her plump grey cat.

When her father bans sweets from the kingdom in an attempt to try to make Chumbalina lose weight, she leaves home and runs away to the forest where sweeties grow on trees.

Meanwhile an ogre attacks the kingdom and Chumbalina rushes back home to challenge the giant to an eating contest. Will she be able to defeat the enemy? Will she be able to win friends by her efforts? Will she learn to love vegetables?

This is a fun read, with lively illustrations full of details that add to the written narrative. It's a great book for showing children that everyone matters and that everyone has talents that make them special.

Chumbalina the Plump Princess by Christopher Holley, illustrated by Giedre Seniuniene


I recently reviewed Christopher Holley's book A World Without Water over on my Crafty Green Poet blog here.  

 Disclaimer, I was sent free e-copies of these books to review.

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