Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The Moustache Fairy

Everywhere he goes Alvin is teased, bullied and discriminated against because he doesn't have a moustache. School history lessons focus on the history of moustaches, fairground rides ban people from riding if their beards aren't bushy enough and his sister Alice teases him mercilessly.

Alvin tries desperately to fit in:

'He wanted a moustache so badly he was willing to do anything for one.  His first attempt was a simple solution. He drew one on with magic marker. There was nothing magical about it'

Alvin finally contacts the Moustache Fairy who agrees to help but has run out of moustache magic! Will Alice step in to help the fairy solve her brother's problems?

This is an entertaining tale of one boy's attempts to fit in. It's also a story about wanting to be grown up and being in that stage where you think you're behind your friends in terms of becoming an adult. 

The Moustache Fairy by Christopher Holley, illustrated by Kabita Studios

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