Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fragments by Hugh Irvine

Fragments is a collection of eight very short vignette-like short stories, that give the reader windows onto various people's lives. The stories are set in various stages of life, childhood, work, holiday and terminal illness.

The two stories that stood out for me are 'We are so Sorry' which offers a touching indight into the relationship between a terminally ill man and the nurse looking after him and 'Humidity' in which a boy realises his cat has found the best way of dealing with hot and humid weather. 

The stories are very readable, seem true to life and are written with a good eye for detail.Their short length makes them ideal to read when you have a spare couple of minutes.

Disclaimer: I received a free e-copy of this book via Story Cartel.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

She Thought She had Lost Something

When she was five, she thought she had lost something.
She wasn't sure what, the pain and discomfort were overwhelming and no-one told her anything.

When she was twelve, she thought she had lost something.
The blood dripping slowly, every month five days of fever and pain.

When she was eighteen she thought she had lost something.
Feeling only pain, as her husband cut her open again before penetrating her, no love in the act.

When she was nineteen, she thought she had lost something.
Cut open to give birth to a daughter, sewn back again, months of fever and pain.

When she was twenty-four, she thought she had lost something.
Bringing the circumciser round to cut her daughter with unsterilised glass.

When she was still twenty-four, she knew she had lost something.
Watching her five-year old daughter bleed slowly to death in fever and pain. 


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