Saturday, October 17, 2015

Open Air Chess / Draughts board

This nice little table was installed in 2013 in Roseburn Park, today would have been a nice day for a game of outdoor chess or draughts, if you had remembered to take your pieces along with you!

The park also has an outdoor table tennis table.

for Shadow Shot Sunday

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healy

Maud has dementia and struggles to remember things, but she does know that her friend Elizabeth is missing. She struggles to get other people to believe her and is constantly frustrated in her search for her friend by her own inability to organise her thoughts.

Interwoven with Maud's attempts to find out what has happened to Elizabeth are her memories of her childhood, specifically of the time when her sister Sukey went missing. The two narratives play against each other in enlightening and thought provoking ways.

As well as being an excellent crime novel with a convincing unreliable narrator, this is a beautifully written, moving exploration of memory and family connections that convincingly details Maud's decline in her memory and abilities. A heartbreaking book.

Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healy published by Penguin