Thursday, September 29, 2016

A poem inspired by a dream


(inspired by a dream I had a few nights back)

The possible next leader of the so-called free world
is throwing fire crackers round the shopping mall
like a toddler in a temper tantrum who has somehow
got his hands on a gun.

Screams echo round the shops and corridors
people cower behind their shopping trolleys
“Muslims! Mexicans! Terrorists!”
shouts the possible next leader of the so-called free world.

I creep up behind him, pushing my trolley
that is laden with hummus and tacos
I try to calm him down
but he throws a firecracker in my face.

And then I wake.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

St Bernard's Well

It was Doors Open Day yesterday and we visited St Bernard's Well alongside the Water of Leith, a building we have long wanted to visit inside.

Hygeia (the ancient Green goddess of health, the origin of the word hygiene) is a well known landmark along the river, but never before have we been able to get so close to her!

Nor have we ever before stepped inside this wonderful building

The spring was originally discovered by schoolboys in 1760 and later became very popular as a place for taking the waters as a cure for various maladies.

I'm guessing this tiny building would have been incredibly crowded at the height of its popularity! Nowadays its only open on Days Open Days and well worth the visit!

You can see photos from the rest of our walk yesterday over on Crafty Green Poet.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Lure - film review

The Lure is a wonderfully retro Polish musical featuring sister mermaids with vampiric tendencies who are taken on by an underground nightclub to perform backing vocals and striptease. Golden is the sister who most feels the lure of being a vampire, while Silver is the sister who tries to restrain her vampiric tendencies and falls in love with the band's bass player. However their love is doomed, she is a mermaid and he is a human and it's impossible for them to be together. At the same time, mermaid myth says that any mermaid who falls in love with a human who then marries another human will turn to sea-foam on her lover's wedding day..... Is Silver herself therefore doomed?

This is a wonderfully atmospheric film, coping equally well with punk concerts and underwater scenes. It's fun and upbeat but has a melancholy heart. Well worth watching.

The Lure is showing as part of Edinburgh International Film festival:

2055, 24 June at Cineworld.

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Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Bugs - are insects the food of the future?

Disclaimer: I have a press pass for the Edinburgh International Film Festival and attended free press screenings of these films

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Sandwick Museum, Shetland

I loved the tiny museum at Sandwick, which we visited in Shetland. It focuses on the history and culture of the surrounding area, particularly fishing. It's beautifully laid out, centred on an old fishing boat.

Sandwick is the starting point for the wonderful evening cruises to see the storm petrels on the nearby island of Mousa. I'll be blogging more about that in the near future over on Crafty Green Poet.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bards in da Bog

Shetland Islands Council has an innovative way of finding new audiences for poetry - putting poetry in public toilets with the Bards in da Bog project!

We had a wonderful holiday in Shetland - you can read more about it here and I'll be blogging more over the next week or so over on Crafty Green Poet.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

A Cento for NaPoWriMo

In a war zone existence, delimited
by snipers, landmines and hostile troops,
Grey sky reflects in glass houses
and everyone is throwing stones.

She carries her mourning
gravely through the streets
She finds herself looking out for him
but every night, she goes home alone.

Hiding in lofts with sandbags at the door
he watches war 24 hours on TV
but at night their minds meet
and the ghosts of his words sadden her.

Put them in any two squares of a chessboard
and they would recognise each other -
but for now they are lost. 

I used the prompt from Found Poetry for today's poem. A Cento is a poem made up of lines from other poems, traditionally usually lines from other people's poems, but this prompt suggested using lines from your own poems (you can use one or two lines from each poem, mostly here I've used two lines from each poem). This was quite a tricky exercise and I'm not entirely happy with the result. However I was very happy to read through some of my old poems again with fresh eyes! 

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Latest gothic jewellery creations

I do like goth style, and, as anyone who follows my Crafty Green Poet blog will know, I also like making jewellery and refashioning vintage and 'broken' jewellery. 

This black velvet choker was included in one of the bags of 'broken jewellery' that I bought recently in a second hand shop. The original pendant was missing so I added this cat charm from my stash.

The elements of the necklace below also came from a bag of 'broken jewellery'. The pendant was originally one of a pair of earrings, but after wearing them one day when out to supper with Crafty Green Boyfriend and almost ripping my ear off, I decided that they would be better as pendants. So I replaced the earring hooks with loops and hung them on smart black necklace threads (which also came from a bag of 'broken jewellery. it really is amazing what good quality items end up in these bags!) This one is mine

and the other one is for sale in the Crafty Green Poet Etsy shop, you can see it here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

If You had a SuperPower what would it be? by Christopher Holley

This is the latest children's book from Christopher Holley, this time illustrated by Kabita Studios.

The first half of the book asks, in entertaining rhyme, what superpower would you choose, for example:

Would you dare to climb buildings with no safety net?
Have nice cozy chats with your family pet?

Once the reader has thought about which wacky, impressive superpowers he or she might want then the book turns to reality and points out that actually, you don't need a superpower at all, you can change the world around you just as you are, starting with small, but meaningful actions, for example:

When a new kid arrives from someplace out of town
 Say "hello there!" and offer to show them around.

So this is a fun, entertaining and useful book to help children realise that they can be valuable members of society.

If You Had a Super Power What Would it be? by Christopher Holley, illustrated by Kabita Studios.

You can read my other recent reviews of books by Christopher Holley by following the links below:

The Moustache Fairy.

Chumbalina the Plump Princess.

A World Without Water.

 Disclaimer, I was sent free e-copies of these books to review. 

 As ever, coloured text contains hyperlinks that take you to other webpages where you can find out more.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The Moustache Fairy

Everywhere he goes Alvin is teased, bullied and discriminated against because he doesn't have a moustache. School history lessons focus on the history of moustaches, fairground rides ban people from riding if their beards aren't bushy enough and his sister Alice teases him mercilessly.

Alvin tries desperately to fit in:

'He wanted a moustache so badly he was willing to do anything for one.  His first attempt was a simple solution. He drew one on with magic marker. There was nothing magical about it'

Alvin finally contacts the Moustache Fairy who agrees to help but has run out of moustache magic! Will Alice step in to help the fairy solve her brother's problems?

This is an entertaining tale of one boy's attempts to fit in. It's also a story about wanting to be grown up and being in that stage where you think you're behind your friends in terms of becoming an adult. 

The Moustache Fairy by Christopher Holley, illustrated by Kabita Studios

You can read my earlier reviews of Christopher Holley's Children's books by following the links below:

Chumbalina the Plump Princess.

A World Without Water.

 Disclaimer, I was sent free e-copies of these books to review. 

 As ever, coloured text contains hyperlinks that take you to other webpages where you can find out more.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Chumbalina the Plump Princess by Christopher Holley

'Chumbalina was not like the other princesses. 

She did not care for looking beautiful. Nor did she want to fall in love with a handsome prince and live happily ever after.'

Chumbalina also loves to eat sweets and cakes and as a result she is plump. This is not considered a suitable trait in a princess so she is shunned by all the other princesses and her only friend is her plump grey cat.

When her father bans sweets from the kingdom in an attempt to try to make Chumbalina lose weight, she leaves home and runs away to the forest where sweeties grow on trees.

Meanwhile an ogre attacks the kingdom and Chumbalina rushes back home to challenge the giant to an eating contest. Will she be able to defeat the enemy? Will she be able to win friends by her efforts? Will she learn to love vegetables?

This is a fun read, with lively illustrations full of details that add to the written narrative. It's a great book for showing children that everyone matters and that everyone has talents that make them special.

Chumbalina the Plump Princess by Christopher Holley, illustrated by Giedre Seniuniene


I recently reviewed Christopher Holley's book A World Without Water over on my Crafty Green Poet blog here.  

 Disclaimer, I was sent free e-copies of these books to review.

As ever, coloured text contains hyperlinks that take you to other webpages where you can find out more.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Calton Hill

more photos on Crafty Green Poet

The Scottish National Monument was built in memory of the Scottish soldiers killed during the Napoleanic wars.

You can read more about the other monuments on Calton Hill here.