Wednesday, March 30, 2016

If You had a SuperPower what would it be? by Christopher Holley

This is the latest children's book from Christopher Holley, this time illustrated by Kabita Studios.

The first half of the book asks, in entertaining rhyme, what superpower would you choose, for example:

Would you dare to climb buildings with no safety net?
Have nice cozy chats with your family pet?

Once the reader has thought about which wacky, impressive superpowers he or she might want then the book turns to reality and points out that actually, you don't need a superpower at all, you can change the world around you just as you are, starting with small, but meaningful actions, for example:

When a new kid arrives from someplace out of town
 Say "hello there!" and offer to show them around.

So this is a fun, entertaining and useful book to help children realise that they can be valuable members of society.

If You Had a Super Power What Would it be? by Christopher Holley, illustrated by Kabita Studios.

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 Disclaimer, I was sent free e-copies of these books to review. 

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