Friday, March 30, 2007

Inspire Me Secret!

This manga inspired young woman is telling us her secrets but they're still secrets as most of us reading this can't understand Japanese! This is so different from what i thought I would make when I first read the Secrets prompt at Inspire Me Thursday but manga was insistent!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

One line haiku

the space between us on the dance-floor

midnight waking to an Italian aria
one line haiku for One Deep Breath

Monday, March 26, 2007

M/other Tongues - bilingual poetry

Hier sind Gedichte von Adel Karasholi (Damaskus, Syrien geboren) und Dragica Rajcic (Split, Croatia geboren), die auf ihren zweiten Sprach Deutsch schrieben. Die Gedichte sind hier presentiert Deutsche an links und Englische Ubersetzung an rechts. Die Gedichte sind ubergesetzt auf English von Suhayl Saadi und Christopher Whyte, mit wörtliche Ubersetzungen von Ken Cockburn. Die Gedichte sind interessante und man kann hier viele Frage über Indentitat finden, wie hier in Rajcic’s Gedichte ODE AN DIE HAUSFRAU:

geometrie des morgensim virtuelen
vergesslichkeit schlüssel für
hummanevernichtung der

Diese war ein Projekt von Scottish Poetry Library’s EPIC (European Poetry Information Centre). Nicht nur die Dichter kommen aus verschiedene sprachliche Erfahrunge aber auch die Ubersetzer (Suhal Saadi, Pakistanischer Abstammung; Christopher Whyte schriebe auch auf Gälisch). Ich fuhle das der Prjeckt war etwas zu kompliziert, weil Ken Cockburn ein gutes Ubersetzer von Gedichte ist und Christopher Whyte auch sprecht Deutsch!

This is a collection of poems by Adel Karasholi (born Damascus, Syria) and Dragica Rajcic (born Split, Croatia), who both come from different backgrounds and write in their second language, German. The poems are presented in this collection in German on the left and English translation on the right. The poems have been translated by Suhayl Saadi and Christopher Whyte, with Ken Cockburn offering literal translations. The poems are interesting and offer insights into questions around identity, such as this from Rajcic’s poem ODE TO A HOUSEWIFE:

geometry of the morning in virtual
forgetfulness a key for
humane extermination of

This publication is a project of the Scottish Poetry Library’s EPIC (European Poetry Information Centre). The intention being to bring together poets from different linguistic backgrounds with translators themselves from different linguistic backgrounds (Suhal Saadi was born in England to Pakistani parents, Christopher Whyte writes in Gaelic as well as English). I can’t help feeling though that the project was over-complicated given that fact that Ken Cockburn, who provided the literal translations, is a sensitive and competent poetic translator and by the fact that Christopher Whyte speaks German.

Free copies of M/other Tongues are available from the Scottish Poetry Library, Canongate, Edinburgh.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Inland Empire

This is the latest weird offering from David Lynch. It feautures the story of actors making a film who are aware of the fact that a previous attempt to make the film had resulted in the leads being murdered. The actress then finds herself becoming confused between the film, her own life and her dreams as well as becoming involved in a story of a Polish family (filmed exclusively in Polish with no subtitles - I can only hope this film is being marketed to the expanding Polish community in Edinburgh!). There is also a tv series featuring talking rabbits that is shown at random intervals during the film. The whole production has the slant disjointed feel of dreams on the edge of nightmares. It's wonderfully weird if you like Lynch's work and either speak Polish or don't mind not being able to understand most of the dialogue. Otherwise, you may be wise not to bother.

Monday, March 19, 2007

My new website

I decided to put together a Googlepages website, seeing as how Blogger is now Google and also because my old freeserve / wanadoo / orange website was looking a little tired. So if you want to have a wee look it's here!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Feminine Art for Inspire Me Thursday

I have been posting several old artworks recently, since the Inspire Me Thursday prompt of 'Abandoned Art' a few weeks back. This one seems to fit this weeks prompt very well so here it is. I'm happy with the faces but not with the bodies, the lack of definition between the two women's bodies may make a nice comment about the closeness of friendship or love, but i don't think it works as art. What do you think?

Thursday, March 08, 2007


You in a red dress
bright like passion
in the cold white room,
your earrings trembling.

He stands at the door.

my other red poem, still not showing on the Poetry Thursday site is on Crafty Green Poet

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Some Beauty Found

i blur at the edges become
burgundy plush velvet
fly magic carpet
spice scented summer breeze
burnished gold

rocket launch
black hole fall
unfold new universe


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