Tuesday, January 23, 2018


At night our minds meet over maps
of strange towns, mazes of streets
we stumbled through in daylight.

I am lost
in your sense of place,
find myself in your parallel universe.

Then time unfurls to chase us
through shadows
into endless dreams.

Previously published on Pygmy Giant

I've also just posted a poem with similarities to this one over on my Crafty Green Poet blog, you can read it here

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Malawian Cafe

It's a mud-built cafe
on the dusty corner
of a village alley.

Dark inside and cool
despite the day's hot sun,
lively with laughter
and warm conversation.

The menu is simple:
bean stew and nsima*;
chicken with rice;
Coca Cola, Fanta
and Carlsberg greens.

The walls are covered
with postcards
of its namesake
The Ritz.

Previously published on the Camel Saloon.

* nsima is a thick maize porridge. 

Yesterday I posted Papayas and Lemons, another poem about Malawi, on my Crafty Green Poet blog. You can read it here