Monday, January 23, 2023

Learning Scots Gaelic!

 I've thought about learning Scots Gaelic for a long time, but have now finally signed up for an evening class with Edinburgh Council's Adult Education Programme

The council currently only offers three levels of courses, Beginners, Post Beginners and Intermediate. University of Edinburgh offers a wider range of classes, though they're more expensive. 

Over a million people across the world are learning Scots Gaelic with Duolingo. Find out more here

More Online Resources

Learn Gaelic is a free online resource for learning Scots Gaelic. It shares a Gaelic word a day on social media. 

Speak Gaelic is a Scots Gaelic learning programme, offering online classes and producing learning materials for other organisaitons (our class uses these resources). 

BBC Alba offers broadcast TV primarily in Scots Gaelic.

Scots Gaelic Week (20-26 February)

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Chimneys at Lauriston Castle

 There's something quite beautiful about the chimneys at Edinburgh's Lauriston Castle!

You can read more about today's walk around the castle grounds over on Crafty Green Poet.