Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Art House

Visionary works edged in a haze
I can all too readily relate to.

I think of the near collisions
of your life with mine

the labyrinthine possibilities
never explored, the fact that

put us in any two squares of a chessboard
and we would recognise each other


But the world outside is so big and bad
it is selfish to obsess on the very small

so let the Technicolor wide-screen of dreams
collapse in on itself to a mobile phone

that one day I can carelessly lose.

previously published in Iota and inspired by a cinema advert for mobile phones. 

First posted on this blog in June 2007


Odessa said...

"put us in any two squares of a chessboard and we would recognise each other


i absolutely love these lines! it reminded me of this guy that i really had a connection with, on a deeper, cerebral level and the recognition was instant.

thanks for sharing!

Clockworkchris said...

I have to agree with odessa. I play chess and anything that has to do with it, yes even the word, draws me in. My wife hates the game, but who cares. Two great words here-technicolor and labyrinthine. You are a wonderful writer and you never seem to stop. Great work!

chicklegirl said...

This poem has such sadness: I loved the eloquence with which you expressed those missed possibilities: "...I think of the near collisions/of your life with mine..."

Heartbreaking and beautiful.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Thanks for your comments!

Rob Kistner said...

Very cool Juliet... enjoyed the closing lines immensely!

Noe, for something truly annoying... I am tagging you on behalf of Red Squirrel. If you are curious, come to my blog and check it out.

If you are annoyed... my apologies, and just ignore this... ;)


BeLoved.... said...

the last two lines are awesome, loved the whole poem.

daisies said...

really love this, it is heartbreakingly beautiful, poignant and flows in and around itself so wonderfully :)

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

This poem is one that I will remember having read and read again. It fascinates me. The last full sentence is awesome.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Rob, thanks for the tag, but this one I'll need to decline as I've been tagged so often recently!

Annie, Daisies, Marcia - thanks.

I hate to admit to having been inspired by a mobile phone advert...