Friday, June 22, 2007


In Love's Shadow is a short bilingual collection by Canadian poet Jay Black with translation into French by Sandra Chiancone. As the title suggests the poetry here is dark love poetry, as in this extract from WILDWOOD DARK:

Thus with insatiate thirst we supped
from one another's gaping cuts,
then kissed with lips that dripped
our bittersweet commingled blood.

Many of the poems set love firmly within the natural environment as in GENEVIEVE:

You are fallen yellow leaves
carried on quiet streams of tears

You are an evening breeze
whispering disconsolate dreams.

You are the ebbing ocean
washing over a naked beach

Continue reading my review here. If you would like this book, please leave a comment below. Names will be drawn out of a hat in about two weeks and the winner will receive this book along with a copy of my own miniscule haiku collection. The book is quite thin and I'm happy to post it anywhere! It's also registered with Bookcrossing and it would be great if whoever wins the giveaway could leave their thoughts about it on the Bookcrossing site (this is not compulsory though!).


Amanda Edwards said...

I have neglected my poetry for a long time now...maybe it is time to get inspired to write too.enter me in the give-away pls!thanks for your kind comments on my goth fairy! I hope to get another done today!

Unknown said...

i think this a great idea please put me in the hat. would love to spread the book crossing word!

alex (anwyn on bc)

Anonymous said...

love to put my name in the hat to get a chance to spread the
bookcrossing word

kobie03[on bookcrossing]

Clare said...

I'd love to go into the hat! Thank you! Jay Black's writing is powerful and visceral -- I mean I feel it deeply, and the images are evocative. Very cool.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Thanks everyone for your interest. I'm shutting off comments on this post just now and will make the draw later!