Thursday, August 16, 2007

Monogamy? (Booking Through Thursday)

From Booking through Thursday - One book at a time? Or more than one? If more, are they different types/genres? Or similar?
(We’re talking recreational reading, here—books for work or school don’t really count since they’re not optional.)

I'm very monogamous as far as novels go, I can only read one novel at a time. However at the same time I always have a book of poetry next to my armchair, and a book of short stories or essays too. Usually I only read short stories/essays between novels, though I dip into the poetry book regularly. I also have a book in my handbag, usually a slim volume of poetry, sometimes the novel I'm reading if its a small book (I don't like heavy books in my handbag!). I read a fair amount of non-fiction, sometimes I'll have a non-fiction book by my armchair to dip into as I read my novel, sometimes I'll read a non-fiction book as if it were a novel. I also read quite a lot in foreign languages. If I'm reading a novel in a foreign language, I'll probably read a light non fiction book in English at the same time, I get tired easily reading in foreign languages, especially German.

Current reading:

Novel: Dictionary of the Khazars - Milorad Pavic
Non-fiction - Linguistics for Students of Literature (yes this is recreational reading!)
Poetry - Staying Alive - edited Neil Astley
Foreign Language - In meinen Traumen lautet es Sturm - Mascha Kaleko (poetry)
In my handbag - Aboriginal Legends - Animal Tales - collected by A W Reed

How about you? Are you monogamous?

Booking through Thursday


Marianne Arkins said...

Hi! Hey.. I came over via BTT, but wanted to let you know that the link you left didn't work. I used your profile link and then the link on that sidebar. What can I say, I'm determined!

And, your reading habits sound quite a bit link mine -- one novel, and lots of various other stuff!

Mine's here if you're interested.

Happy BTT!

Mei said...

I keep a book in my purse, too! It sure helps keep my temper down when I have to wait for something!

den said...

I usually cart around books too, although I have e-books loaded into my phone so I don't bring around the heavy stuff.

I envy people who can read foreign language books like German and French. It's amazing that you're able to do that! And I also wish that I were good in poetry. I always suck at it ^_^

Happy BTT!

Anonymous said...

I always have a book that I take with me as well, particularly places like the doctor's office (oh that saved my sanity from a 4.5-hour wait once!). I don't know what I'd do without books to occupy me through the slow times. :)

Julia said...

It is always nice to be able to read poetry and essays while reading a novel. And am always amaze at anyone who can read foreign langauges too.

Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

I prefer to have one or two books going at once, but not lately. Happy BTT!

smariek said...

Ever notice how books are getting bigger and bigger these days compared to decades ago? Makes it harder to find a "pocket book" that fits in your pocket or purse, lol. It's great how you can read in different languages, it must be a nice change of pace. Happy BTT!

Anonymous said...

I carry a big purse and always keep a book with me -- helps when you're standing in line or a drive through.