Monday, October 22, 2007

Olympics - International Goodwill and Local Abuse of Human Rights

The Olympic Games are usually praised as being a beacon of international goodwill. However is this actually achieved at the expense of local people's human rights? The link below leads to stories of gypsy familes being evicted to make way for developments in London for the 2012 Games:,,2194782,00.html

There are many other similar stories from past Olympics across the world. I'm getting so tired of reading these while other people are praising the games that I'll put a longer article together and post it sometime in the next month or so.

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Paul Squires said...

I was reading the other day that some people are planning a boycott the Olympics movement unless the Chinese government see fits to exercise some control over Burma. Unfortunately, like so many other things, the issue has slipped off the front pages and with it goes the outraged indignation of the masses. So it goes.