Thursday, November 22, 2007

La Stelle che non c'e (The Missing Star)

Vicenzo e un ingegnere che lavora in una acciaieria vicina da Napoli. Un broker Cinese compra macchinario e ritornano a Cina. Ma Vicenzo trova difetti nel macchinario e va a Cina per explicare. Ma, non parla cinese, non sa dov'e l'acciaieria in Cine. E un po impreperato per il viaggio! Fortunamente, incontra una traduttore che possa aiudarli, ma e molte malintese culturale e problemi.

Normalemente quando ho visto film di Cina, ho visto film di Cina storico o rurale. Ma la Cina industriale in questo film è molto deprimente. Anche il film, benché e interessante e qualche volta divertente.

Vicenzo is an engineer working in a steel mill near Naples. A Chinese broker buys machinery from the factory and returns to China. Vicenzo discovers defects in the machinery and goes to China to sort things out. However he doesn't speak Chinese and doesn't know where the steel mill is that has bought the machinery. He is poorly prepared for his journey! Luckily he meets a translator who can help him, though there are lots of cultural misunderstandings and problems.

Most Chinese films I've seen have been set in rural or historical China. The industrial China in this film is very depressing. As is the film, though it is also interesting and sometimes entertaining!

The Italian Film Festival is on at the Filmhouse in Edinburgh (and selected other venues in the UK) until 2 December.


shadows and clouds said...

the italian film festival sounds like it must be cool! could do with one here in italy, i'm not joking! we usually get mainly hollywood box office successes at our local cinema! this film sounds interesting too! have a good weekend :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

Na - I thought Italians were proud of their cinematic heritage? That's a shame, some of the best films are Italian....