Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Sentences Are Not American

Read Write Poem this week challenged us all to write American sentences. These are single sentences of 17 syllables - a sort of Americanised haiku. I thought I would experiment:

The fundraiser's sentence:

We are grateful for your previous donation, now please give us more!

The Scots sentence:

You won't be wanting to do that again in a rush, ken, will you then?

The stereotypical cosy Scots sentence:

Hey, Jimmy, what you doin' ower there wi' that bonnie wee lassie?

There's a wee chappie playing the bagpipes ower there in the heather.

The stereotypical urban Scots sentence:

Ye wannae go down the chippy for Irn Bru and deep fried Mars Bars?
Aye and then we can go down the pub for the match and a wee bevvie


ken - you know

ower - over

bonnie - pretty, lovely

wee - small, short

chappie - man

ye - you

wannae - want to

chippy - chip shop

Irn Bru - soft drink, brewed in Scotland

deep fried Mars Bar - yes there is such a thing

the match - the football match on big screen tv

wee bevvie - a few drinks

on Crafty Green Poet, read American (Holiday) Sentences

American Sentences for Read Write Poem


Anonymous said...

Very cool sentences and very clever idea. Deep fried Mars Bars! I must try it, though I doubt my doctor will approve.

shadows and clouds said...

heehee! love it! they are clever! and i could hear the scottish accent as i read it in my mind! they tried to get me to eat a deep fried mars bar when i was at the fringe festival once. i refused! should i have tried it?!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Paul, Na, thanks - I've never tried a deep fried mars bar, I don't know anyone who has!

Jo said...

Actually I know someone who has BLECH. I liked these very much -- especially cos they're British :)

Anonymous said...

oh boy, I never saw this link until now, actually back in Univ. days, my fScottish friend tried his hand at deep fryinmg mars bar and I took a bite, not sure if it's the original kind, but it was very interesting indeed. :) Thank you.

Andy Sewina said...

Love your take on this! The Scots glossary et al. If you check my blogger profile you'll see me wearing my tartan hat that I got from Diane's bar near Haymarket station - last time I went to see the 'Jam Tarts' play.