Saturday, December 29, 2007

Snoring, Poetry and Synchronicity

to torment me -
every night you invent
new ways of snoring.

I wrote this haiku last night at around 2am! Then this morning I was reading through my review copy of Poetry Speaks Expanded (a thoroughly recommended book, I'll be posting the review as soon as I can!) and was struck by these lines at the beginning of Ogden Nash's entertaining poem The Trouble with Women is Men:

A husband is a man who two minutes after his head tounches the pillow is snoring like an overloaded omnibus,
Particularly on those occasions when between the humidity and the mosquitoes your own bed is no longer a bed but an insomnibus.


polona said...

this is funny but it touches a serious problem. oh well... what can we do... and HE has the guts to say I snore :)

Jo said...

Oh I am clapping gleefully here, this is excellent, I had not heard it before!

STP said...

Classic!! I love the humor and maddening frustration of this piece.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! Love the haiku and Ogden Nash's words - haha.