Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eerie by Moonlight

The graveyard is dark, eerie at full moon
Honeysuckle scents the light of the moon

The boy down the road becomes a werewolf
and gives the neighbours a fright at full moon

Gravestones are lifted and vampires break free
to find people to bite under the moon

Inner city streets are crowded tonight -
street gangs and demons fight under the moon

When Romeo gets lost in the garden
Juliet shivers at sight of the moon.

Chapter 4 of Unleash the Poem Within suggests that the ghazal is a perfect form for daydreaming and letting your mind wander. I was obviously thinking of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in these daydreams! I wrote another ghazal on Crafty Green Poet here.

The Ghazal Page , an excellent resource to find out more about this fascinating form, is currently holding a competition for moon ghazals.


polona said...

ha, you must be enjoying this :)
and so am i - this one may be dark but is not without humour.

haiku-shelf said...

i really enjoyed to read what happens under the moon, at sight of the moon...

best wishes,