Saturday, July 26, 2008


Croissants for me are weekend breakfasts, fresh from the corner bakers shop, where people queue along the street for the cakes and croissants, despite the convenience of a supermarket across the road.

Croissants seem quintessentially French, but my favourite breakfast I ever had in France was at a long wooden table where we all broke off chunks of crisp baguettes, loaded them up with lots of butter and apricot jam and then dunked them in bowls of steaming hot chocolate.

Croissants for Weekend Wordsmith


timx said...

Sounds like you should follow this link!

polona said...

the coffee shop we (my partner and i) frequent serves mini criossants in the morning with the beverage of choice. just so the waiting staff started putting two criossants instead of one by our coffees... and occasionally they make it three :)
nothing special but a nice gesture

Odessa said...

i looooove croissants! croissants dunked into steaming bowls of hot chocolate = a slice of heaven.

Jen said...

There's nothing on earth like the smell of a warm boulangerie, wafting down an early-morning road.

So much here to make me sigh with joy. Am very glad you have found you. Yes, very glad indeed.