Thursday, July 17, 2008

Leonard Cohen

We were lucky enough to get tickets for Leonard Cohen's concert at Edinburgh Castle last night. It's a great venue for a summer concert and Mr Cohen performed brilliantly to a very enthusiastic crowd, choosing an excellent selection of his very wide repertoire and coming back gracefully for several encores though as the rain fell during his rendition of Closing Time, I think everyone got the hint and realised that there wasn't going to be any more music!

I'm currently reading Beautiful Losers, a novel written by Cohen the year I was born! Written with the same magical ability with words as are his songs, the novel is a wild and brilliant mix of native American land rights, Catholicism and sex. Definitely an 18 certificate!

I really want also to read some of his poetry, he published several collections before he started singing.


Anonymous said...

I am reading On The Shortness of Life by the Roman philosopher Seneca. :-)

daisies said...

i heart leonard cohen and own several of his poetry books :)

how wonderful that you got to see him sing ... xo