Friday, February 26, 2010

You Were More Interesting before I Met You

No, not you, the reader
but you of the once long email conversations
discussing philosophy, your thoughts
about poetry, your favourite films,
how you love Autumn
and the sound of the rain.

But since we met
all you do is complain
again and again
about your job, your flatmates
and the endless rain.

When your complaints
finally end (unlike the rain)
you turn on me
with the white glare of interrogation
and say: You,
now you must talk
and just as when I walk
onto stage
under that bright white glaring light
my mind empties
and I take on the persona
of frightened rabbit
in front of headlights

and I forget everything I wanted to say.


daisies said...


Anonymous said...

This is good, and something I have found to be often true, myself.

I like your new photo!

mark said...

Very well done. I like how you tell a story in a poem. Something that isn't done nearly enough.

gerry boyd said...

You have perfectly captured a bit of truth here. The language is impeccable. Bravo!

ArtSparker said...

I have had a similar experience - so much projection is possible online. There is something about creating an online persona, for me it I have made a self wiser and more gracious than I am, but who I would very much like to be. It gives me something to shoot for. But sometimes I run short on the patience my "character" has.