Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Flu Jag

I had successful heart surgery at the age of nine. I have had good health ever since, my heart is in good working order and my immune system works fine. I'm not prone to flu.

I really resent the annual letter that states "as you have heart disease, you are advised to have a flu vaccine".

I do NOT have heart disease. I will decline the flu vaccine thank you very much.

I am not convinced about the efficacy of the vaccine and there are concerns about some of the ingredients that are included in it. You can read more here.

(If I were genuinely in a priority group I would possibly have a different attitude on this, I'm not saying to everyone 'Don't have the jag' and my annoyance is about being labelled as being something I'm not)


Jim Murdoch said...

We live in a world of tags. They’re everywhere. And I hate them too. I hate when I’ve written a blog having to reduce its contents to five or six words knowing full well that that’s what’s going to attract people and not the quality of the writing and you know what? some articles just don’t squish down well into half a dozen words. I get the same letter as you because I’m an asthma sufferer. At first I also resented it because I’m an asthma sufferer in the same way as I’m myopic. I don’t think about being short-sighted and I don’t think about having asthma. I take my puffers when I need them (which is very rarely these days) but other than that I live a normal life. I’m not a sufferer. But I go and get the jab because it’s free and having had the flu once (the real flu, not the touch-of-the-flu people talk about) and once was quite enough thank you very much. Since there’s not a had-successful-heart-surgery-at-the-age-of-nine check box on the computer I think you can expect those letters for many years to come.

flats in lucknow said...

I appreciate the concern which is been rose. The things need to be sorted out because it is about the individual but it can be with everyone.

Inconsequential said...

Tags, nasty things...
Needles... nasty things.
The system - nasty thing,

Still, that's the world we allowed to grow around us...