Saturday, July 28, 2012

Edinburgh's Wild West

A while ago, I read about Edinburgh's secret Wild West on the Conversation Pieces blog, and had forgotten about it until @thevintagedoc mentioned it on Twitter. Today I decided to find it for myself! It's off Springfield Valley Gardens, just next to a garage, through an entrance that looks as though it leads to another garage. And it truly is like the wild west! Most bizarre! A wonderful secret piece of Edinburgh that is worth exploring, then you can go and have a cup of tea and a cake in one of the many cafes in Morningside or browse the many good quality second hand shops in the area.

Edited to add: Apparently this was originally constructed as an advertisment for a furniture store!


Anonymous said...

What neat old buildings!

Sandy's witterings said...

Well found and indeed well done for reminding me that this exists. I have been here in my filmstar days - I once walked across the dancefloor in Rebus (it was set up in a building just of this little bit of the wild west).

nmj said...

Both dislocating and wonderful to learn such a place exists a stone's throw away. I will definitely go, one of these days!