Thursday, January 25, 2024

A Year of Learning Scottish Gaelic!

Last year, I made a belated new year's resolution to learn Scottish Gaelic. Today I reached a 365 day streak of learning the language on Duolingo. Over a million people across the world are learning Scots Gaelic with Duolingo. Find out more here.

I did do a term of evening classes in Scottish Gaelic with Edinburgh Council's Adult Education Programme. However I was very disappointed in them and didn't sign up for another term. University of Edinburgh offers a wider range of classes, though they're more expensive and I was put off by the tutor who I met who said I'd need to sign up for the total beginners class despite having done a term with the council and a few months with Duolingo. 

More Online Resources

Learn Gaelic is a free online resource for learning Scots Gaelic. It shares a Gaelic word a day on social media. 

Speak Gaelic is a Scots Gaelic learning programme, offering online classes and producing learning materials for other organisations. The programme is broadcast on BBC Alba (see below) and you can also watch all the episodes on Youtube.

BBC Alba offers broadcast TV primarily in Scots Gaelic with some excellent programmes.

Scots Gaelic Week (20-26 February)

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