Monday, May 21, 2007

Train Now Departing

I dreamt:
you were going home
in a fast train, alone,
distraught and dishevelled,
your eyes dark with tears.

A guard passed through,
calling your name,
but he got it wrong
or it was no longer yours
for you didn’t respond.

I gazed at the scenery
then I awoke.
It was days
before I knew
the truth of the dream.

Inspire Me Thursday now includes a weekly art journal prompt. This week we are asked to journal our dreams. This is an old poem I wrote about a dream, I made the collage to fit the poem. The poem was originally posted on the Moving Stories website (celebrating railways), which I don't think exists any more.

I also made a journal page about how dreams were like David Lynch films, but I'm really not happy with it, so I'm not posting it! When I watched Inland Empire, the latest David Lynch film, I really felt that I had already dreamt it, down to everything being in Polish.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I really like this poem. It tells a story, but leaves a mystery. And the words flow together so well.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this CGP!
I like how much you've been enjoying combining art with writing.

Clare said...

This is a really good poem. The line "calling your name/but he got it wrong/or it was no longer yours/for you didn't respond" is really cool and made me sit for a while thinking along the idea of names -- about our names and who we are, and how who we feel we are can change over time and circumstances. I also really liked your collage.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Clare - thanks, yes the mystery of identity!

GeL - thanks yes I do enjoy combining words and art!

Thanks Deb!