Sunday, March 09, 2008

Gypsy Dancehall

I dance with Signora Argento in Transylvania -
plates smash
and crash to the floor
the room shimmers with Italian passion
and the imponderable beauty of Romany
songs amid sad violins

She is lost in the dance,
the moment, some inner turmoil.
I am drunk on the music
her beauty in motion.
The touch of her hand
is like some kind of promise.

I wake in a bed
where the sheets are all tangled.
My husband is jealous -
he knows I've been dancing
with Signora Argento.

There's an earlier poem about a dream on this blog here.
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WH said...

The wild, delicious frenzy and movement of the first two stanzas--a bacchanal, a blur--is balanced so nicely by the "back in Kansas" reality ending. This is most enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

This is great.

Odessa said...

oh my goodness, i so love this one!!! you know i'm a gypsy wannabe. *wink*

and now that i thought about it, this reminds me of lorca's poem about a gypsy. very vivid.

thank you for this! :)

Anonymous said...

I love that poem! I love the rythm it has and the balance of fact/ imagination you've given it.. I always envy that in any poet!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, sumptuous writing. how creative to start with plates crashing and smashing to the floor. Signora must know some crazy tricks.
Love the mischievous, playful tone.

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Crazy crazy crazy, I sure hope you know how to dance. Great use of the prompt.


Linda Jacobs said...

Just the perfect words to portray that abandonment!

paisley said...

i will have to go from here directly to check out the links.. but i am so inspired by the raw passion of the actions in this poem... truly a dream to be remembered.....

Jessica said...

Love the passion here!

chicklegirl said...

The movement in this is intoxicating, like being in the middle of the gypsy dance. And the end just stops it cold. Very nice.

Tammy Brierly said...

This reminded me of a scene in the movie "Frieda." Well done and fun!

Gilson said...

A date with the night sounds very attractive!

S.L. Corsua said...

Lively action and passion in the first stanza; the movement in the scene and the portrayal thereof is downright impressive. (And Billy's perceptive comment above sums it up well.) Cheers! ;)

Anonymous said...

Cool, wild dream poem, the rhythm captures the swirl of dresses and movement of hips, wild and cool,

Scot said...

love the way it danced to the perfect end.